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Chiara Liberati, PhD

Chiara has more than 25 years-experience in early drug discovery and preclinical research. Prior to Golgi Neurosciences, she was Director of Discovery Research at Axxam where she started in 2001, covering different roles with increasing responsibility. 

At Axxam, Chiara was responsible for managing the proprietary discovery projects. During her career, she coordinated as Program Director a wide range of multidisciplinary programs, in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and international research institutes, being also the Principal Investigator of national and European grants. She was also actively involved at different levels in the ex- novo creation or asset transfer and fund raising for the portfolio companies. 

Chiara serves in the Board of Directors of Lario Therapeutics and Breye Therapeutics as well being an observer in Muna Therapeutics and Rewind Therapeutics. Before Axxam, she worked at Bayer Pharma Italia and Biosearch SpA. Following the Master’s Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chiara attended a Postgraduate School in Human Molecular Genetics at University of Milan by working on human globin genes regulation. She is inventor on 10 patents and author and co-author of 14 publications.

Chiara Liberati, PhD

Investor Director, Golgi Neuroscience

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